Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Outfit #2

NEW YORK is coming up soon and I can't wait. I am trying to plan all my outfits before hand so that I make sure I don't need to pack my whole wardrobe in order to guarantee that I am stylish every minute I am there.

I like crop tops but this was the first one that I felt comfortable in since the shorts were high enough (without being highwaisted) to pretty much reach the bottom of the shirt and not show off my tummy. And this is saying something considering my torso is long.
ps. sunglasses always in summer. 
but I can never find ones that really look good on my face! need help with that.

-beige crop top with floppy pocket on the bottom left corner and 1/3 length sleeves, it is kind of a thicker material but as you can see it lets air through and fits really lose
What are your thoughts on crop tops??

-Black short shorts
H&M ($10 i think)
I love these partly because I hate when shorts are expensive

-Aldo shoes ($80) - strappy sandals with the smallest hint of a heel
These are also a favourite shoe purchase and work for so many occasions fancy or casual

-Urban Outfitters Clutch 
-Purple slate necklace that I switched to a longer chain (bought at Edmonton Folk Fest)
-Large hoop earrings with floral printed cloth wrapped around (these are the first hoop earrings I ever bought and though I bought them as is, it is a great idea if you're not so into the big gold hoop style anymore but still keep them in your jewelry box)

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