Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Review - Soul Surfer

"I don't need easy. I just need possible."

Soul Surfer is a story about passion and family and strength. It is able to be motivational and inspiring without being too corny.
Based on a true story it is about a girl of great courage who must face the challenge of losing her arm in a shark attack while doing her life's passion, surfing. 
It made me really question my own position in life at the moment and not only be thankful but also reflect on how I can make the most of it and what I should be doing. The movie left me a little down and very serious but it was riveting and spoke many truths.


Unknown said...

I just watched this movie after getting it in the mail yesterday from Blockbuster and found it very inspiring! My family and I really enjoyed it so I was glad to add this one to the top of my queue when I did. It was definitely one of those movies that makes you think about your life a little harder. Good thing I just started subscribing and working with DISH Network and got Blockbuster by mail free for three months so I was able to get this movie and others for free with my free trial My kid really wants me to buy this one so I might just have too! :)

Unknown said...

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