Thursday, July 21, 2011


I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet!

It is an amazing community that forms connections between people so that you can have a place to stay when you're travelling or so that you can meet people from around the world. I did it this summer when I visited St.John's and arrived early for the conference. I was such a great experience with nice people and great hospitality. And I have to give a shout out to my Big Bro' for introducing me to this amazing site.

When I first told my friends that I was planning on staying on a strangers couch for a couple nights in a city I have never been to they were worried and insisted it was a bad idea.

Here are 4 reasons it's safe and great:

1. site allows you to communicate with the 'surfy' before hand 
-this means you can get to know them if you so choose
- you can make sure your trip is all planned out (timing and such)

2. you can view their friends, where they live, and what they look like
-this means if you show up at their door and they don't look like their picture you can always run away
-it means you can pick a neighborhood thats near the 'action' you want
-you can know if you have friends in common

3. people post reviews of who they have stayed with or who has stayed with them
-the best safety tool!
-if someone gives a bad review you know its not the best idea.
-you know how often/many times the have had surfers/have surfed

4. you can see a profile that tells you all about them
-this way you know their interests and hobbies and age
-it lets you surf with someone more like you and avoids awkwardness

This isn't only for young whippersnappers like myself and I really think that everyone should try it either by offering their couch or going traveling for cheap. I have only heard great stories and had such an amazing experience myself.

Here are some pictures from my trip in May (St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada). It is such a beautiful and friendly place and a must see city in my opinion.

a pretty and old church.

Jelly Bean Houses
they come in every colour, many of which are super bright and fun

It's on the ocean...
actually, the island has the farthest eastern point in Canada

Their Mascot - A Labrador

More Jelly Bean Houses
(you're going to see a print I bought of these later this year...)


Andrea said...

when I saw the picture at the link party I said" HEY THIS IS MY CITY!
And I was right!!
I live in St john's NL UHUU and I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! and yes, they look like jelly beans , dont they?:0)


Eileen said...

I love the Jelly Bean houses. They are so cute. I've never heard of this couch surfing and not so sure about it. Be careful.

Molly said...

Andrea - I love your city <3 I hope I get to go back soon

Eileen - I have many friends who participate and my brother has hosted so many surfers I can't keep track. I have never heard of a bad experience but I am always careful

Unknown said...

A truly great city!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.