Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tattoo thoughts

Tattoos - an idea my mom hates - but something I always knew I would get and have put a lot of thought into also. But I also love looking at tattoos and learning the meanings behind them.
My biggest problem is that I want the tattoo artist to have a lot of say in the design so I have also worked hard not to create a distinct idea.

Anyways... Design*Sponge posted Amanda Wachob's work and it truly opened my mind. here is just one picture but please go to her site and the post on D*S. I find them so beautiful and amazing refreshingly different.. Also I think that even my mom can appreciate the water ones which will fade in time (if only i knew how long!)
how can you not love it?
Some other tattoo artists that I like - there is of course Kat Von D (LA Ink) who does gorgeous portraits and seems to have a great personality with tons of spunk and sass

I dont think I would ever get a portrait (maybe to much of a feeling of being watched??) but if I were to I know which pick I would get... 

My super cool dad
There is also the big debate of color or black and white. now there are metallic inks too!! and I kinda like the idea of sepia-tone coloring.

When I finally decide to get one I will for sure be talking about it on here and would love everyones opinions and will do a review of tattoo parlors before I pick.

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