Friday, June 10, 2011

Gone Knitty

I started knitting over christmas and love using it to keep me feeling productive while I watch movies. I did knit when I was young but was never proficient and since I never knew how to cast off my scarves would drag on the floor behind me despite already being wrapped around my neck twice. This time I was inspired because I really wanted a knit headband. You can often find free/cheap patterns online but I decided that going in to the nearby Knitting Store would be worth it for the advice. Though I have to say that YouTube videos were the most amazing resource. I ended up buying yarn that came with a free pattern for an infinity scarf and I was able to make the headband from what I had learnt. 

infitiny scarf and headband
some left over yarn and the wonderful fat needles
(any useful ideas?) 
I think they turned out well and my eyes became set on a more ambitious goal, a sweater. I wanted something big and comfy and I'm still not sure that the yarn/pattern I ended up going with is what I was looking for but it still is looking great. I have been working on the sweater for a while now and still have a bit of the body and the sleeves and the neck trim to do. I will post pictures as I go. A tip I would give is to ask people you know if they have the needles you would need for the pattern (saves lots of $$) and to make sure that if you are buying the yarn in the shape below, that you get the staff at the store to turn it into a ball (she was busy and only did one for me but I really regretted this as I had to roll the next one all by myself and it still just isn't the same.

the yarn (picking a colour was SO hard)
Here is how it looks so far

I think that the next step will be learning to cable stitch (already got purling down), maybe just on a gorgeous scarf like below

and these are just too adorable to not show

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