Wednesday, June 29, 2011

recycled notebooks

I first made these notebooks after an adventure to Edmonton's Amazing REUSE CENTER! Where I found the floppy disks. I bought a whole bunch of craft supplies for super cheap and they included these old floppy disks. Then using the items below, scissors and a hole punch I was able to create a pretty neat recycled handmade notebook.

Materials include:
Floppy disks (2 per notebook)
Used Paper (written on only 1 side)
Key rings (2 per notebook)
Simply Cut the paper in half and then fold it (used side in). punch the holes (be careful about placement) and put on the key rings. Voila (as I tend to say).

I haven't been to the Toronto Reuse Center since I moved here but intend to go soon and will be writing a review of it. Do you have Reuse centers in your communities? Look it up!

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