Tuesday, June 28, 2011

softest lips around

You know all those handy tips you read in magazines but forget 1 week later? Well this one I never for got and it has to be the tastiest lip exfoliator ever.

What you need:
-white sugar
-something to mix them in

So you put the smallest bit of honey and mix sugar until the consistency is thick and grainy.

 Then rub into your lips and voila. It makes super soft lips after and you can lick off the yummy mixture after.

My Lips with the Yummy mixture 
(it kinda looks like lip Gloss but up close its all lumpy)


LadyBug said...

Hi Molly. this link
has the info about making the paper balls :)
thanks for visiting my blog

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

What a great idea - and so easy! Thanks for stopping by today - your lips are ready to rock the red now :)