Sunday, June 12, 2011


My favourite Jewelery:
I have heard a lot about feather hair extensions and am seeing more and more feather earrings in the stores. I think that Feather hair extensions can be worn really well but I haven't taken the initiative to try it yet and have instead relied on these. But I am quite proud of my style initaitive since I bought my first pair over a year ago. 

I wasnt sure at first about having the different
sides no matching but have received tons of compliments

these are my longest pair and they flow wonderfully
my newest ring from a little antique store
said swarovski crystal but I'm not so sure

My amazingly talented friend made this book. Each one
has a different picture (mine is a peacock feather) and certain
letters are larger in order to form a word (mines courage)
Jewelry that I am excited to Make:

can't wait to buy some nuts so I can make both of these

Wish I had a shirt I could cut up but the patterns
are on V and Co.'s wonderful blog

Jewelery I would love to own:

I used to own a spoon ring similar to this but lost it!
I plan on making one out of my family's antique cutlery pieces.

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