Thursday, May 24, 2012

Palazzo Pants

I just bought my first pair of flawy pants, also known as Palazzo Pants. And in the spirit of this fashion statement I wanted to search out some options of where else they have been popping up, and what to wear them with...

Blake Lively

They are popping up everywhere but I think the fit is everything!
I got mine for a steal, compared to the brand name prices, at Lavish and Squalor in Toronto.


The Ladypreneur said...

I really agree with you. Palazzo pants fits everything and we can wear them everyday. They are really really comfortable and I can even wear them throughout my pregnancy. Talk about comfort and stretchability huh? ;) I got my 1st Palazzo pants at They have a wide range of colourful Palazzos that can be mix n match into our daily outfits :)

Unknown said...

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Nita J. Chau said...

Wow, Beautiful! I like the way you carry your fashion style. You are so creative and stylish. I wish I could have wear like this, but maybe it's not good to look on me. I remember what you said, what is the point of fashion if you can't have fun on it. Well, if you are playing your style, then all I can say is you are a good fashion player! About the crop top, it is the modern style top, at least you put on the vest to make it look sophisticated and you said "classy". I have also the long vest from midi dress long sleeve, and I'm planning to wear this weekend.